About Our Pet Friendly Lodging near Black Mountain NC

“To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boringit was peace.” ~ Milan Kundera

Our Black Mountain Area Pet-Friendly B&B

The Oak Leaf Room at the Inn on Mill Creek can accommodate both humans and their four-legged family members. In addition to welcoming your pet, we have the scoop on pet-friendly shops and restaurants, and great hikes for dogs and people thanks to years of experience from our innpugs. Even though as a general rule, innpugs are… shall we say, lazy… ours have been on trails up to a couple of miles, and know all the good hiking spots near the inn and on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We can also share information on the nearby area attractions that you can enjoy with your pet. So not only are innpugs well-versed in the local nature trails, but they’ve also been to Chimney Rock State Park, the North Carolina Arboretum, Grandfather Mountain, Mt. Mitchell State Park, and Biltmore Estate and can tell you all the cool outdoor places to sniff.

What is an innpug?

The innpugs are more popular than we are — they are pretty much local mini-celebrities — so they get their own page! Read on to learn more about the innpugs:

Bugsy, our endearingly grumpy and super smart elder black pug, and Csaba (pronounced “Chubba”), our social and huggable senior fawn pug with his tongue hanging out one side of his mouth, were the OIPs (Original Innpugs). Brothers from the same litter, Bugsy and Csaba came with us to North Carolina at the age of 2 to help run the B&B, which for them, meant heading up the Inn on Mill Creek Department of Leisure. They lived fabulously spoiled lives, full of adventure, love, plenty of beauty rest and many treats. Both passed away from old age in 2019; Csaba was almost 15 years old and Bugsy was a month past his 15th birthday. We miss them every day.

Rosco has been an innpug for several years now, and is the current head of the Inn on Mill Creek Department of Leisure. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia in 2013, when he was about five years old, and we adopted him from the rescue organization shortly thereafter. Rosco is generally a very laid back little dude. He is a good boy and enjoys meeting humans, but he can be anxious around other dogs. You will find that he is not a barker, unless he is demanding treats from Innkeeper Dave, who always gives in. Who has trained whom… hmmm…

Since Rosco is going deaf from age, and also is mostly blind due to an eye condition that was not treated before he was rescued, he might seem to act startled or confused when you first meet him, but it’s only because he didn’t know you were there. Even though he can’t see well at all, he gets around just fine and likes to follow his human, Innkeeper Brigette, everywhere. 

Follow Rosco on Instagram at instagram.com/innpugs.

The Duties and Personality of an Innpug

As an even-tempered, low-key member of the Toy Breed group, an innpug’s self-imposed responsibilities are simply to love and be loved. Rosco the Innpug is not an excitable dog nor is he aggressive. It’s hard to be anything other than lovable and chill when you’re adorable, only 16 inches tall, and spoiled all the time. Rosco is fearless, funny, super cute and a bit quirky. He has a quintessential pug personality.

A few important items of note about innpugs: Rosco knows he is not permitted in guest rooms and doesn’t really wander around on his own since pugs like to be with their humans at all times. During the day, he is usually “working” in our office (read: taking naps or getting loved on). Also, pugs are notoriously food-obsessed and masters of the “I’m starving, please feed me” sad face, but please don’t believe it. Please resist giving Rosco treats without asking us first. Certain foods are off-limits to him and so we watch what he eats in order to keep him healthy.