The paddle boat, perfect for our small mountain lake, arrived a few days ago. Of course, Csaba Pugga wanted to try it out immediately with Dave at the helm:

Csaba reports that the paddle boat is a fun activity for lake-loving guests.

The most exciting part of the day (for us, not Csaba) was the actual delivery. We did our best to warn the boating company repeatedly about our winding road through the forest, which is not tractor-trailer friendly. Unfortunately, they sent our 50-pound paddle boat on a very large truck. The driver ended up getting stuck on the road on his way out (much easier coming to us heading downhill than trying to get back up around hairpin turns!).

We felt sorry for the driver…it was hard enough on him getting to us, and now he was stuck.

What little traffic we have on our road was blocked in both directions for some time, but a local truck driver and tow trucks came to the rescue and all was well by late afternoon.

The paddle boat is ready for your use when you come to the Inn! Just make sure you don’t drive to us in a tractor trailer…

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