Our orchard has something like 175 trees. Someday we’ll count them one-by-one and get the exact amount. We have a peaches, apricots, cherries and a few different kinds of apples. We’ve been told our trees are over 50 years old but we are treating them like our new babies.

Our little orchard has gone through a lot this Spring: a late frost hurt some of the blossoms and seven apple trees were lost due to a freakish wind storm in mid-April. Plus, we’ve had a bit of a slow start to Spring!

Happy to say the majority of trees look to be working hard to catch up with the late arrival of Spring, and we expect apricots and peaches to start growing very soon. We definitely look forward to seeing how much fruit we get and we can’t wait to share the bounty with our guests!

The orchard is also a great place for a stroll, so when you come, take a walk through the orchard and be sure to check out the view of one of the peaks along the Blue Ridge Parkway, visible through the trees. Here’s a close-up shot of that peak:

And check out the latest shot of the orchard (with a tree full of character in the foreground):

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  1. about your paddleboat in the previous post–wouldn’t csaba look good with a little nautical captain’s hat?

    Mark Moore

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