Dave made orange souffle this morning for our five guests. The oooohs and ahhhhs and requests for seconds were enough to put a smile on our faces! Orange souffle is a deliciously sweet warm breakfast dish made with eggs, orange juice and sugar. It rises to a grand height and while it’s still high, we serve it in a beautiful, very large pottery bowl made just for the Inn by a local artist. It serves 4-6 people, leaving enough for seconds, of course.

Dave experimented with a smaller, individual-sized version this morning as well. Dave is his own guinea pig, along with Brigette (sometimes, when she’s feeling daring). The single serving souffle didn’t create quite the pizazz of the large version…but we’re pleased to say that other single serving versions of our larger breakfast dishes have turned out great during the experimentation phase and guests will be able to enjoy those successes soon.

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