When we bought the Inn on Mill Creek, one of our (well, Dave’s) ideas was to have a “walk-up” PC for our guests. We already have wireless internet service throughout the Inn, but if you don’t bring your laptop with you, the Wi-Fi doesn’t really do you any good. Well…now you can check your e-mail, Google a nearby restaurant or attraction, or find out if your favorite baseball team won their latest game — right in our Great Room.

[Check out the foggy day we were having today!]

Of course, Dave, being the tech-savvy guy that he is, has his entire music collection (6,000+ tunes) downloaded to MP3s, so you can also listen to some music while you’re relaxing.

Of course, Brigette, being the tech-savvy gal that she is, has superimposed a page of our website onto the screen in the photo above since the monitor was a big flash of white when the photo was downloaded. 🙂

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