Here are a couple of shots of the Andrews Geyser taken this week. The height of the geyser was actually a little low this week, perhaps due to the lack of rain. The little figures on the far right in the first picture are picnickers enjoying a nice afternoon at the park that now surrounds the geyser.

The valve for the geyser is under the deck of our Lake House and we had several visitors the past few weeks who had ventured to Old Fort to see the geyser, and then headed two miles up the mountain to our property to check out where the water originates. It’s really fun to tell the history of the property and the geyser because it’s such a unique story. People can’t believe that the man-made dam and little mountain lake on the Inn’s property feed a geyser two miles away.

We wonder what the men of the Southern Railway who installed the geyser in the late 1800s would think today if they knew that it still brings visitors (albeit in cars rather than by rail) to this beautiful area. We bet they’d be proud that their geyser has remained a point of interest for over 110 years.

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