Brigette loves watching stars. The night sky type, not the Hollywood type. You can catch her sometimes out late at night sitting near the rose garden getting a neck strain as she peers up at the stars (The “lay back” kind of patio chairs are now on the list of things to buy…)
What a great place we have here inside the national forest for star gazing. Without any street lights, the night lights up instead with stars, planets, galaxies, you name it. We ventured outside late one evening this week and we, along with three of our guests, Killian, Catherine and Tracy, eyed the wide flowing band of the Milky Way stretching across the sky from our rooftop to the southern end of the property. Amazing.
This weekend was the Perseids meteor shower, which happens every year in summertime, peaking in August when the Earth heads through the tail of the Swift-Tuttle Comet. Did you catch any shooting stars? Brigette hung out tonight with dozens of crickets and cicadas, one big bullfrog and millions of stars, and she saw at least five streaking meteors heading across the sky. It was hard to go back inside, but bedtime had to come sometime.
Here’s one of Brigette’s favorite websites, the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Enjoy.



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