The first hints of Autumn have arrived with the turning of a few leaves on the trees. We’ll be providing weekly “Foliage Watch” reports on Wednesdays here at the innblog. Feel free to drop by the blog to get your fall foliage fix.

Dave went out on a hike with two eager innpugs the other day (taking the scenic western forest service trail at the end of our property). He took the camera and captured one of the first trees in our “neighborhood” to change:

Back at the Inn, the walnut trees are changing faster than everything else. They line our drive and provide a nice frame for looking through into the orchard and national forest across the way.

A few trees across our little mountain lake are showing the first signs of brilliant color as well. Here’s one:

This is just the start to what we hope is a beautiful fall here in western North Carolina.

Oh, and we found a great blog to keep up with the fall foliage called the Asheville Fall Color Hunter Blog. Check it out for updates on fall foliage reports throughout our area.

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