October is here and the tinted hues of leaves are gold and burgundy peeking through what is mostly still a green landscape.

Most of the trees at our elevation (somewhere around 2,500 feet) are still summer green, although several are lightening up considerably to a pale green and will likely turn within the next week or so if they keep up at the rate they’re going. Our road, which we like to call our two-mile tree-lined drive, is a golden route right now; the trees that are changing at this moment are mostly turning yellow.

We hear from guests who have driven the Blue Ridge Parkway that the trees at higher elevations on the way to Mt. Mitchell (north of us) and Mt. Pisgah (southwest of us) are showing some real change. If you’re coming to our neck of the woods, definitely drive the Parkway while you’re here.

Took these out on a walk today:

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