This week, we had our first snowfall. The snow fell, but it didn’t stick on the ground. It was more of a “dancing snowflake” kind of snow, just in time for the arrival of our guests from Florida, John and Lisa, who don’t get snow where they live. The snowflake ballet lasted all day. Very pretty!

We hear our friends up north got several inches of the white stuff. Stay warm, everyone!

Although the temps are reaching into the 50s during the day (and we can’t believe how sunny it is, almost all day every day!), it’s been in the 20s overnight the past few nights — which is perfect weather for enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and snuggling up in front of one of our Inn’s many in-room fireplaces.

Or you can be like Bugsy and Csaba, our resident innpugs, who very much enjoy wrapping up in a blanket on a cool evening:

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