Being from Ohio, we’ve come to expect a little blustery, chilly, snowy weather in December. Well, here it is, December 10, and it’s 75 degrees and sunny here in western North Carolina. We saw snow on some of the Craggy Mountains above the town of Black Mountain over Thanksgiving and we were sure that more of the white stuff was on its way to us. But we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the pleasantly warm weather. We have the windows open today, which seems bizarre for us northerners.

Supposedly it will be in the upper 60s and lower 70s this week and then the 50s next week…we’ll take it!

Now, if we can only get our plants to understand that it’s still late fall, winter has yet to come, and they need to stay “asleep” … our forsythia has been blooming for the past few months. Here’s a shot of one bloom around the beginning of November:

The leaves are gone now, but the forsythia bushes just keep on blooming. We did a little research and it turns out that when a forsythia bush blooms in fall, those are actually the blossoms that should have been reserved for the following spring. So, we’re curious to see just how much these bushes bloom next year.

2 thoughts on “A WARM SPELL

  1. Dave and Brigette,

    I just spent a couple of days in Asheville doing some work at an area inn. The weather was so gorgeous I felt distinctly overdressed in a turtleneck, but that’s all I packed. It was so mild that I had dinner on the terrace at Grove Park Inn, and they didn’t even have the heaters on two weeks before Christmas! Wow! Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Peter, thanks so much for your comment. We still can’t believe it got up to 78 degrees last week, albeit here we are typing this today, Saturday, and it’s 47 and misty…maybe winter is finally on the way. Kind regards, Brigette and Dave

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