Someone stop Brigette; she’s on gardening overload. We’ve received about 14 seed and nursery gardening catalogs in the past two weeks, and the lists (plural) of what to buy next just keep getting longer and longer. Thumbing through page after page of beautiful flowers and shrubs is a great way to pass a winter’s day.

One area that we hope to start work on is the area around an old well near the Lake House. Specifically, we’re planning the summer blooming portion of the well garden.

We considered splitting the well into quadrants — four sections of flower groupings — since wood slats are currently doing just that on the ground above the well. However, we like a little challenge, so we’re going to attempt a spiral effect with Agastache, Purple Coneflower and Lavender:

Something else we’re going to do is to grow siberian iris from seed. We kept seeds from one of the other gardens last year —

— and we’ll keep you posted on whether or not we can get the seeds to germinate. We’re following the 24-hour soak/3 weeks warm/10 weeks cold regimen.

2 thoughts on “GAGA OVER GARDENING

  1. Hi there! We completely agree about the seeds being beautiful. The detail on them is really fantastic. Our best to you and Eileen!

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