Last week, two of our guests-turned-friends, April and Michael, stayed with us again. Their bassett hound, Lady, also came to visit and our innpugs loved her (especially Csaba). April and Mike celebrated their first anniversary last year at the Inn. During their visit this time, it was a bit colder and we even got some snow, but that didn’t stop everyone from having fun.

April and Mike brought us eggs from their own chickens. Green eggs, as a matter of fact. What…you don’t think green eggs exist outside of a Dr. Suess book?

The chickens are a South American breed that lays blue/green eggs. Seriously.

April shared an excellent recipe for carmelized onion and cheese quiche, which we may feature soon as a breakfast item (“we” meaning Dave, because we all know Brigette’s skills do not go beyond toast, and even toast is a stretch).

Not only did we benefit from April’s great cooking, her artistic eye went to work in our Great Room. She helped us rearrange the decor and added some glam with a painting she’s done.

The Great Room looks, well, great, even with a backdrop of snowy ice-covered bushes outside:

The snow was quite pretty during the day, but the temperatures dropped rapidly in the evenings so Dave built a fire in the Great Room wood stove and we watched several episodes of the short-lived Firefly on the 5×9 foot projection TV. It seems like everyone but us has seen this TV show. Several of our guests who came after April and Mike departed mentioned that they liked the show, too. It apparently has a huge fan base, which now includes two innkeepers. Don’t tell us how it ends, though. We haven’t gotten to the movie yet (which was made because of the huge fan reaction after the show’s cancellation).

What could have turned out to be just another cold and boring stretch of January days ended up being a really great week. We keep saying how fortunate we are to have fantastic guests, like Mike and April (below, with Lady).

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