The first four days of January have been pretty chilly…with the past few nights’ temperatures dropping into the teens. Brrrrr! The Great Lakes weather found us! On a positive note, guests in the Lake House rooms have been very, very happy with their fireplaces (Lake View Suite, too). On another positive note, next week’s temperatures look to climb into the 60s!

One cool (no pun intended) effect of the weather has been that our little mountain lake has frozen over and has been making awesome noises as the ice breaks.

We’ve left the geyser valve open the past couple of nights and as the geyser draws water from the lake, the ice shifts to a compressed area and then —crack– it pops and then big cracks develop. The larger cracks echo in the forest.

Dave took some photos at the geyser, which is two miles away from us. Leaving the geyser on resulted in a little bit of ice buildup at the base. It was nice to see the rainbow on a winter day. We’re still getting used to all the sunny days we have here. It’s not something we saw much during Ohio winters.

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