We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous sight at the Inn this first day of February. It rained last evening, and as the temperatures dropped overnight, the water froze on the trees, blanketing the forest and our property with a sparkling, beautiful cover of ice. These photos were taken from the Main House looking toward the lake and Lake House before the sun came up over the ridge:

As the sun came up over the ridge, we were treated to the sounds of rapidly melting ice, which sounded like a waterfall in all directions, as the partly-frozen water cascaded in small and large pieces down to the forest floor. The ice falling off the branches of our apple trees in the orchard retained much of their shape so that you could see the outline of the branches in the ice.

More shots of the orchard:

The warm sun that melted the ice and the evaporation of the water also created a slowly moving, surreal mist, which covered parts of our property for a short time. This is the southern end of the property, where our blueberry bushes are:

The blue sky and 50-degree day made for several blog-worthy photo opportunities (and we were careful not to walk under any trees; not easy to do when you have 125,000 acres of trees around you). Enjoy these photos…we took them in a span of about an hour. The ice melted away rather quickly!

Can you find Dave in the following shot? You might have to click the photo and enlarge it to see him!

If these photos are making you say Brrrrrrrr, it might help to know that the afternoon temperature was higher (50 degrees) than the number of days until Spring…49 days and counting! We’re also happy to report that the crocuses are starting to come up in the Pool Garden…wonder when they’ll bloom.

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