Another winter is fading fast into beautiful spring in the mountains. It seems like yesterday that we had a snowfall here, an ice storm there, brown everywhere (except for the tough-as-nails evergreen rhododendron and mountain laurel).

Now, the crocuses (shown below), daffodils and forsythia are in bloom, the irises and tulips grow by inches daily and the creeping phlox and hyacinths are getting ready to flower. We look outside and smile as we see trees with red buds on them. Green leaves aren’t far behind.

We took a few photos of our spring color this week to share with those of you who might still be under winter’s white blanket. Enjoy!

One of our orchard trees has blossomed at the same time as the forsythia:

A cluster of daffodils popped out unexpectedly near the orchard:

The creeping phlox in the Pool Garden has started blooming just a little:

Tulips are growing rapidly among the already-blooming crocuses:


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