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Today was butterfly day at the Inn on Mill Creek. Earlier this week, a guest pointed out to us what we think was the first butterfly to arrive this year, although it might just be that we hadn’t seen earlier arrivals. There was a single butterfly hanging around the creeping phlox that day.

Today, our resident butterfly brought his friends to visit. About 20 of them. We took photos of several. They’re not easy to photograph because they love to flutter about and don’t really stay in one place for too long. So many flowers, so little time…

Even Joey the cat was observing the butterflies. We think he was keeping a safe distance due to the fact that there were lots of buzzing bees hanging around the flowers, too. Being ten years old, Joey knows a thing or two about staying away from things with stingers. He’s a smart cookie, even when he’s outwitted by butterflies.

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