We decided that our first big project for 2008 would be new carpet in the Great Room, stairs, second floor library loft and three of the guest rooms. Quite an undertaking! Big Project #1 is now finished, thanks to our handy carpet installers from Tyson Furniture in Black Mountain, Tony and Kevin, who worked tirelessly for more than four days to get everything just right. Here are some photos of the work that was done:

Old carpet…buh-bye!

In the “prep work” category, Innkeeper Dave got in on the action, putting in 1,455,003 screws (give or take a few hundred thousand) to get rid of the squeaky floors before Tony and Kevin laid the carpet:

Cutting around the fireplace:

Tony the carpet installer makes a sizable cut (lots of angles in the Inn):


Innpug tested and approved:

Big Project #2 entails hanging fabric panels in the solarium; that project is currently in the tweaking stage. Big Project #3 involves converting a gravel stone path to a stepping stone path near the arbor overlooking our little mountain lake. The stone has been delivered and we’ll be digging in the stones as soon as the threat of rain subsides.

Photos of both those Big Projects coming soon!

One thought on “2008 BIG PROJECT #1: CARPETING

  1. Holy cow, ya’ll that carpet really made a huge improvement on the great room. It looks beautiful. Thank goodness the old carpet is gone. And the panels really looks good. I can’t wait to come see it again.

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