A couple of our favorite returning guests, Don and Debbie, headed out to Highland Grill & Oyster Bar during their most recent visit. [For you non-seafood folks, Highland Grill also has excellent burgers and salads, not to mention steak.]

Well, wouldn’t you know, Don and Debbie returned from Highland Grill with a little memento of their time in Black Mountain…a pearl from one of the oysters they ordered! How cool is that? So, if you head our way, stop in to Highland Grill and you are extremely likely to have a great meal, and maybe you’ll have a bit of a chance at getting a pearl yourselves.

We’ve been to Highland Grill — with another two of our favorite guests, Ashley and Mary — and not only can we vouch for the fact that Highland has great food, but we also have heard excellent live piano music, which they have on a regular basis.

Highland Grill & Oyster Bar is situated just south of downtown Black Mountain, on Route 9, which is a perfect location for those of you returning to the Inn from a day at Chimney Rock.

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