Two artists now have their work hanging here at the Inn on Mill Creek, and they’ve received lots of compliments. We’re happy to have met these two ladies and enjoy sharing their artwork with our guests.
The first artist is Marguerite Welty, whose studio is in Ridgecrest. Marguerite has a calm and beautiful personality and it really shines in her work. She does several different types of art, including watercolor, silk, and a really cool thing called the Pouring Technique. We really like her abstract artwork and have several of her paintings now at the Inn. A sample of Marguerite’s work is shown above.
The second artist is Lisa Walraven. Lisa’s work is fun, bright and colorful and we love it. Here’s a piece that’s currently hanging in the hallway to the North Terrace Room at the Inn:

Lisa specializes in nature and birds, two things that abound here in the National Forest. Her work is perfect for the Inn. We’re really enjoying getting to know Lisa and her husband, Wezil, who is a local birding guide. Their appreciation for birds is very infectious and now we want to go out birding every day (yes, even Brigette with her bird phobia). You can see more of Lisa’s artwork at www.wrensandravens.com.
All of the art showcased at the Inn is available for purchase.

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