Those of you who continue to be under winter’s spell up north…sick of white snow? Let’s talk white flowers instead. Here at the Inn on Mill Creek, we continue to research white flowering plants and shrubs for our White Garden project.

Two rose varieties have caught Brigette’s eye, and it’s likely we’ll have both in the garden when Spring arrives. First, the Iceberg Floribunda is a double flowered hybrid tea that averages three feet tall:

Second, the citrus-fragranced Pope John Paul II rose is a hybrid tea that can get up to five feet tall:

A white flowering shrub we’ve really liked learning about is the Dogwood ‘Silver and Gold’ which is a yellowtwig dogwood cultivar with variegated silver and white leaves:

The ‘Silver and Gold’ has tiny white flowers in late spring and its white summer fruit is a bird favorite, perfect for us as we work to maintain our Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat status.

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