Bleeding Heart near the Lake House

We’ve really been enjoying watching the Spring flowers bloom at the Inn. They seem to be doing better this year than the prior two Springs. Really, the entire area of Asheville and Black Mountain are full of flowering shrubs and trees. Many of the flowers, like our lilacs and apple blossoms, are fragrant, and make it a joy just to step outside.

We took a few afternoons to document some of the flowers at the Inn this time of year for Brigette’s garden journal and for your enjoyment:

Beautiful “begonia tulips”…we’re getting more of these

Apple blossoms are almost done blooming in the orchard

One of our monster yellow tulips

Fragrant lilacs near the Mountain Laurel room

Scotch Broom shrub with pretty yellow flowers

Pink tulips with creeping phlox in the Pool Garden

Pink tulip closeup

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