Black Mountain Sculpture Stroll Photos

As promised, here are photos of the larger-than-life sculptures featured on the Black Mountain Sculpture Stroll. Enjoy! Circa Cinq by Julia Stout is located on Midland Avenue north of State Street in front of Town Hall:

The Ripple Effect by Julia C. Burr is on the corner of Dougherty and Sutton, south of State Street:

The other five (pictured below) are viewable via the half-mile walking path around Lake Tomahawk. (On Thursday, we’ll post more photos from our stroll around Lake Tomahawk.)

A little girl checks out Having Fun by Dan Howachyn

Ducks do like labyrinths, like The Labyrinth by Marty Cain

Watch out! It’s Sea Monster by Dave Taylor

Dave’s favorite, Ancestor Totem by Carro

Brigette’s favorite, Arches over Water by Tekla

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