Flowers and Black Mountain Arts Fest

Look what we received today — a cool garden sculpture from Debbie, one of our returning guests and friends. Thanks, Debbie! The spoon and fork flower sculpture (perfect for a B&B) fits nicely in our new White Garden and was handcrafted by Moonshiner Metalworks artist Mike Cowan. Mike is one of the 65 artisans featured at the 12th Annual Black Mountain Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend.

While our guests were enjoying the arts festival, we took in some of Mother Nature’s artwork in our garden. Here we share a couple of photos we took on this beautiful Saturday…the weather forecaster called for partly cloudy skies today, which we optimistically consider partly sunny. Happy June!

Lambs Ear in bloom

An iris is a landing spot for this busy bee

2 thoughts on “Flowers and Black Mountain Arts Fest

  1. Wow the photography on this site is gorgeous!!! Looks like a lovely place…if I ever get to Asheville I know where to stay!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, River Otter! Mother Nature makes for some great photo opportunities in our area so we can't take all the credit. Hope you'll come visit us sometime.

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