New art for the Great Room

UPDATED with artist name!

In our Great Room, there’s a spot near the windows overlooking the Inn on Mill Creek’s apple orchard that we call the Bermuda Triangle for houseplants. Being surrounded by 125,000 acres of Pisgah National Forest, we have a soft spot for nature and we love plants. So we have quite a lot of houseplants, but unfortunately, this one spot in the Great Room will not let any of our plants thrive (and we apologize to the latest two, lush ferns to be sucked into the Bermuda Triangle).

Instead of allowing another houseplant to go into the abyss, we decided to try artwork in that space. We headed to one of our favorite galleries, The Appalachian Artisan Society Gallery in Old Fort (about 15 minutes from the Inn), and found the perfect piece of art to hang on the wall. It’s called The Mighty Oak by Cecilia Gilliam:

We think this one will survive the Bermuda Triangle!

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