January Geocaching in Black Mountain

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Last week, we had the opportunity to do some geocaching, which was wonderful because we haven’t been caching for over a month. (Visit www.geocaching.com to learn about geocaching).

Geocaching withdrawal can be tough, especially when you know caches are out there that are thisclose to you, when you’re driving past them and can’t stop to get them, for example. Such is the case with Black Mountain, North Carolina, which is 10 minutes from our bed & breakfast and has a treasure trove of nice caches hidden all over town (25 caches just within a two-mile radius of town).

Our friends, Travis and Nicole, were staying at the Inn last week, and they’re cachers as well, so we trekked around Black Mountain in search of caches on a very chilly January day. If you’re into geocaching, you know that one of the nice aspects to the sport is that it allows you to really explore and enjoy an area, no matter the season. We zig-zagged through town, passing the Visitor’s Center, Lake Tomahawk Park, the library, restaurants and charming shops, and picked up five geocaches along the way (six for Travis and Nicole, who logged one that I had already found).

The names of caches can be very creative and can sometimes hold clues as to their location. Two of our five were from the 101 Dalmatian series (101 geocaches hidden, numbered and named for local geocachers), another one was called “Bottom of the Lake…sort of”, another (our first nano-cache find) was a reference to a point on the course of the Mt. Mitchell Challenge, a long-distance running race from Black Mountain up to Mt. Mitchell in February, and the fifth was titled, “Behind the Flea Market” (had no idea about the flea market…you can definitely learn new things with geocaching).

We’re busy working on updates to our website, and one page we’ll be adding will be dedicated to geocaching…stay tuned!

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