Early June Blooms at the Inn

Along with our roses, we’ve got some early June blooms to share with you, like our Astilbe peeking out among daylily leaves in the Pool Garden pictured above. Also currently in bloom are plants and flowers such as Catmint, the first of our Daylilies, Lavender, Spanish Iris, Geraniums, Coral Bells, and Coreopsis. Enjoy some photos we took just this week (and more are available as always on our B&B Facebook Page):

Just starting to bloom or very soon to bloom: Daylilies, Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Coneflowers and Daisies. It’s going to be a lovely summer here in the mountains near Black Mountain, Asheville and Old Fort, North Carolina.

[P.S. Happy Anniversary to three of our favorite couples: Rudy and Vicki, Tony and Renee, and Carson and Laura!]

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