Visit to Painter’s Greenhouse

Whenever we visit Painter’s Greenhouse, one of our favorite nurseries in our area, it’s tempting to take home flats upon flats of gorgeous plants and flowers. Painter’s is amazing. But we’ve learned to pace ourselves {“we” meaning Brigette}, and with a list in hand, we recently headed over to the Painter’s Greenhouse Herb Fest: live music, fabulous food, and plants everywhere.

Thanks to Painter’s the herb garden at the southern end of the Pool Garden is now in good shape, with chives, thyme, thai basil, two kinds of sage, not to mention our fennel, lavender, chocolate mint, st. john’s wort and tarragon that’s already in the garden. Here are a few of our new herbs for 2011:

Plus, a beautiful rosemary shrub is now in its new home on the deck overlooking the solarium. And we picked out some Dusty Millers and Shasta Daisies for the White Garden.

We had a great time and a successful adventure. Already planning our next gardening mission with the help of Painter’s…plants and flowers for all of our containers.

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