On the Walls at the Inn

We love gracing the walls of the Inn with the works of talented artists, so from time to time, we’ll be featuring what’s on the walls at the Inn.

In this post, we give a shout out and thank you to friend of the Inn Nick D’Amato. Nick is a talented photographer who has taken several outstanding photos of, among other things, railroads, trains and landscapes around our area. We were fortunate to meet Nick a couple of years ago and now have two of his photos on display at the Inn. The top one is a train heading toward the Swannanoa Tunnel in the Royal Gorge area near the start of our road, and the bottom one is an aerial view of our property from November of 2009:

Since our photo above of Nick’s photos doesn’t do justice to Nick’s talent, here are the links to the photos so you can see how beautiful they are:
See Photo 1
See Photo 2

One thought on “On the Walls at the Inn

  1. Saw your Walls at the Inn and thought about the walls at the Inn that we built …. 12" thick. 4" frame – 4" space and 4" frame. Before "green" was in, we built a super energy efficent home.
    12" thick walls w/triple glass windows. Sun room that would exchange air into the home. 4-Solar panels w/120 gallon water tank for hot water. Three wood "soapstone" stoves w/two hot water recirc loops from stoves to water heater. Lots of cool "Green" stuff.

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