2012 Winter Savings on Biltmore Tickets

If Mother Nature’s favorite colors on her paint palette right now are brown tones where you live, look no further for a color {and flower!} fix than Biltmore Estate, the entrance of which is about 20 minutes west of the Inn on Mill Creek. The Biltmore Conservatory, a short walk from Biltmore House, is an indoor oasis, loaded floor to ceiling with trees and tropical plants. Plus, winter is the perfect time to see all of Biltmore’s orchids in bloom, such as the one above. They’re special enough that they get their own room in the Conservatory!

Guests of the Inn on Mill Creek can purchase tickets during their stay for $35 from now through March! That’s a $10 discount off the regular one-day gated admission at Biltmore. And check out these other perks of visiting Biltmore during the winter season with tickets purchased from the Inn:

  • Visit Biltmore at your leisure. It is 8,000 acres after all. So here’s great news: you can use your ticket any day that you’re staying with us, and you can return to Biltmore the following day for FREE.
  • Our guests who visit Biltmore from now through March receive FREE audio guides to Biltmore House. This is a great amenity for first-time visitors to Biltmore because it’s like having your very own tour guide as you make your way through the house. And if you’ve been to Biltmore before, take note that they do change the audio information from time to time.
  • The fourth floor, which is normally part of a behind-the-scenes specialty tour, is OPEN. This is the floor where the rooms for the female household staff were located, the Architectural Model Room, containing the rather large scale model of Biltmore House created by the architect, and the Observatory, which we hear is where Mr. Vanderbilt would steal away and read as well as take his guests to show them magnificent mountain views, and where visitors now gain access to the roof for the Architect’s Tour during warm months. 
  • Kids under the age of 16 are admitted FREE through March

In addition, the fabulous Tiffany lamp exhibit at Biltmore {featuring lamps such as the Pond Lily Globe below} wraps up January 31…also a great way to infuse your winter day with a little color!

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