Springtime Geocaching in Swannanoa

Ahhhhh, springtime in the mountains. The vibrant green leaves unfurling from tree branches, songbirds in the mornings and tree frogs in the evenings, beautiful blooms of rhododendron, azaleas and other bright, colorful native flowers. It’s just utterly fantastic to be outdoors in the spring. And one way to explore the outdoors in Western North Carolina is through geocaching — the search for containers hidden by others, using GPS navigation.

Innkeeper Brigette means business when geocaching!

We recently did some springtime geocaching with guests and friends Travis and Nicole around Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, located just west of Black Mountain and about 20 minutes from our Bed & Breakfast. Set in a pastoral valley of farmland with woods and the Black Mountains as a
backdrop, Warren Wilson is a small eco-friendly private college that receives
numerous awards throughout the year for its green efforts. Land
preservation and conservation is a high priority. In addition, the area
around Warren Wilson College was some of the first land beyond the
American Colonies settled during and after the Revolutionary War, and
some of the trails around the college were once roads used by residents
of the newly-independent USA. So it’s important to respect the
preservation efforts of the local community if you are using the trail
system around Warren Wilson College.

One of our geocaching adventures near Warren Wilson took us to the River Trail, which starts with a walking path with the Swannanoa River on one side and peaceful farm pastures on the other. {Our guest pets should please take note: The innpugs have given this two paws up as an excellent dog-friendly trail! Please remind your humans that pets need to be leashed on public trails.}

Geocachers will find all sorts of great hides along the River Trail. Our recommendations: bring someone not afraid of sticking their hand in unknown dark spaces, it helps if you have someone tall, and don’t forget your pen to sign the logs.

Geocaching is just one of many outdoor activities in our neck of the woods. Check our page dedicated to activities in the mountains of western North Carolina for more!

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Erika Jean! There are a lot of caches in some naturally beautiful spots around here, that's for sure! 🙂

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