2012 Fall Color Preview

Taken late September, behind the Inn on Mill Creek orchard

A reminder: weekly fall color reports start October 2 here at the Inn on Mill Creek Innblog!

Fall foliage experts (a/k/a climate scientists) are predicting a spectacular fall for the North Carolina mountains and we can’t wait to share photos with you. For now, the leaves are still 99% green, but a few trees {like the maple above} are getting a head start on changing and provide a nice little pop of color in Pisgah National Forest.

Here’s a brief outline of what changes when at our elevation (2,300 feet). Note that this is not a comprehensive list:

Early/Mid-October: Dogwoods, Sourwoods, Burning Bushes, Tulip Poplars, Walnuts, Sweetgums
Mid-October: Sumac, Virginia Creeper, Sassafras, Maples, Hickories, Beech, Birch
Late-October/Early November: Oaks

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