Guest Favorites Garden June Update

Hydrangea in the Inn on Mill Creek Guest Favorites Garden

As we head into summer, our Guest Favorites Garden is slowly beginning to take shape. We added a beautiful hydrangea near the stone-faced column and planted three dark pink/red azaleas in the shady portion of the garden. In addition, we added a barberry bush and shasta daisies to the sunny portion. Keep in mind we get plants from nurseries and let them fill in over time, so our plants are “babies” this year.

Baby Azalea in the Inn on Mill Creek Guest Favorites Garden

We’ve spent the spring and early summer learning what works and doesn’t work in the GFG so far. Our dwarf redbud didn’t take off. However, we replaced it with a quince bush that will have fantastic cinnamon-orange blooms.

Baby Quince Bush in the Inn on Mill Creek Guest Favorites Garden

 Also in the “did not make it” column” was the yarrow (thanks to our small furry woodland creatures), so for now, we’ve supplemented with purple coneflowers.

We’ll be spending next month perusing catalogs for fall plantings and seeing what we can add once temperatures start cooling off in September. And we’ll be drafting on paper different ideas for a “green stream” of plants meandering down through hostas in the shady section. Keep checking the blog as we will be using it to update everyone on our Guest Favorites Garden this year and beyond.

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