Guest Favorites Garden August 2014 Update

As summer winds down, our Guest Favorites Garden planning is going full speed! Spurred on by the lovely late August color palette of our hydrangea and coreopsis in the garden, shown below, we’re looking into spring blooming favorites of our guests that would have similar and complimentary tones.

We already have daffodils planted, and are now looking at varieties of columbines for the sunny, lower section of the garden. For summertime, we’re perusing different colors of cosmos and hope to add more coneflowers as well. Small daylilies are also on the list for planting.

In addition to plants and flowers, we’re hoping to start work soon on our “green stream”, which will run from the top of the Guest Favorites Garden and meander toward the middle of the garden. This section is mostly shade beginning in May, so hosta plants and other shade lovers will line the “banks” of the stream and we’ll have hardscaping in there as well.

Here’s what we have to work with, an area that slopes downward toward our baby quince bush:

For the “stream” part, we’re considering moss and pebbles, but we also like the look of grasses like this, from Fine Gardening magazine:

Flows pretty nicely, right? We’re really excited about how this garden is going to look!

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