Kiva 2014 Loans (so far…)

Can’t believe we’re more than halfway through 2014 and we haven’t done any Kiva loan updates this year! As you may recall, our goal as the owners of a small business is to assist with loans to small business owners in every country represented on Kiva, which is currently 78 countries. So far in 2014, we have helped with four microloans. We decided to go with a farming theme this year and are helping out those in the agricultural industry in developing countries, including Walter Alexander in El Salvador, Suurakan in Kyrgyzstan, Chamnan in Cambodia, and the Tei Pin San Village group (63 farmers) in Myanmar/Burma.

These loans bring our country count to 37. We’re hoping to make it 40 countries this year. Every time one of our borrowers pays on his or her loan, we receive our money back and are able to reloan it.

For more information on Kiva and how you can get involved with helping small business owners to lift themselves out of poverty and improve the economic conditions in their communities, visit

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