Bathroom Remodeling: Part 1

One big misconception about Bed & Breakfast lodging is that you have to share a bathroom. This outdated stereotype is present in virtually every editorial, satire piece, and article criticizing B&Bs. It is the question we get most often from guests inquiring about staying at the Inn on Mill Creek. Well, fear not! According to a recent study of the industry, almost 95% of B&Bs do NOT have shared bathrooms, including ours.

All of the guest rooms at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B have their own private bathrooms, and February 2015 has been designated “Bathroom Transformation Month” in three of the guest baths: The Lake View Room, the Mountain Laurel Room, and the Maple Tree Room.

Large bedroom with four poster bed with floral bedspread and one wall of windows

Lake View Room at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B

Bedroom with handpainted tree branch and leaves mural on the wall above the bed

Mountain Laurel Room at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B

Bedroom with metal scroll frame bed, woodstove fireplace and sliding doors looking out on foliage

Maple Tree Room at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B

The Mountain Laurel Room and Maple Tree Room have new tile showers, while the Lake View Room is undergoing extensive renovations. We put together this tiny sneak peek of the work being done…

Stay tuned for more… the shower doors were just installed in the Mountain Laurel and Maple Tree Rooms and they are officially finished so
video is coming soon!

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