2015 Biltmore Blooms, March 20 – May 25

It’s Spring, which means it’s time for the annual celebration at Biltmore Estate known as Biltmore Blooms. Biltmore, located in Asheville, NC, is an 8,000-acre estate owned by descendents of George Washington Vanderbilt. And much of the estate grounds is like a big nature park, allowing for visitors to meander along different pathways, surrounded by spring-blooming shrubs and flowers.

In addition, there’s a neat garden consisting of three large concrete pools/ponds that contain water plants and koi, called the Italian Garden, as well as huge formal garden called the Walled Garden, where thousands of tulips are planted along with other plants and shrubs (as well as plenty of green space). Beyond that garden is the Rose Garden and the Conservatory, a glassed in two-story building full of beautiful plants.

Did we mention a 15-acre Azalea Garden?

Essentially, you could spend the entire day in the gardens at Biltmore. This makes the discounted two-days-for-the-price-of-one tickets available at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B a real deal, because you can’t “do” Biltmore without also checking out the 175,000-square-foot, completely furnished, meticulously maintained, amazing Biltmore House.

Bloom times of different shrubs and flowers varies at Biltmore, so here’s a quick estimate of some favorite blooms, and some photos from previous years:

Late March/Early April: Daffodils, pansies, forsythia, magnolias
Mid-to-late April: Dogwoods, redbuds, tulips; also, deciduous trees leaf out
Late April/Early May: Azaleas, wisteria, peonies
Mid-to-late May: Roses, rhododendrons, snapdragons

Masses of tulips in different colors in a formal garden with an arbor in the background

Tulips in Biltmore Estate’s Walled Garden, early April

Two pink flowering shrubs with various flowering shrubs behind them in a park-like garden

Azalea Garden at Biltmore Estate, late April

Pink flowering vine hanging off of a trellis that is attached to a stone wall

Wisteria near Biltmore House, early May

Close-up of pink flowering shrub along a garden path with other flowering bushes

Azaleas at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, early May

White rose bush in full bloom in a garden with other roses and a brick path

Rose Garden at Biltmore Estate in May

Five geese, one with babies, swimming in a large pond with a mansion on a hill in the background

Biltmore House viewed from the Lagoon in May

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