Art at the Inn: Black Mountain Art in the Afternoon Program

In February, we were at one of Black Mountain’s restaurants — a longtime local favorite called My Father’s Pizza & Pasta. While devouring our lasagna, spinach ravioli and tasty artichoke salad, we started talking about how when we arrived in 2007, we noticed how much art by local artists was displayed at restaurants and how awesome it was to be in an area that’s so supportive of its artists.

Abstract artwork with multi-colored squares and dark lines

Artwork by Cameron from the after school program

In fact, one piece in particular that we saw back then, at My Fathers Pizza, was titled Caladiums by Marguerite Welty and we ended up contacting the artist and began displaying her work at the Inn on Mill Creek, eventually buying that piece (which is hanging in our Great Room). We have hooked up with several more artists since then, and now you’ll see lots of art on display and for sale when you stay at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B. We love being part of the art lover community.

Well, in a full circle moment, while we were chatting at My Father’s Pizza in February about the art on display at the Inn, we noticed a mixed media piece hanging up on the wall by our table. It simple said, “Cameron Williams, Grade 2.” Our server told us that it was part of a display of artwork created by local kids who participate in the Art in the Afternoon Program at the Carver Recreation Center in Black Mountain. The art wasn’t for sale necessarily, but we were really inspired by Cameron’s artwork, and we were especially wowed by the fact that this cool piece of art was done by someone who was 7 years old! We thought it would be a perfect addition to the art at the Inn.

We contacted the program’s director, Stephanie Sulzman, and learned that Cameron and his family had moved away, but his art was still at the rec center. Wanting to support of this fabulous after school program for students in kindergarten through 5th grade, we made a donation and were able to bring Cameron’s piece back to the B&B, where it now hangs (one of the few pieces of art that’s not for sale.) Cameron, if you ever read this, you are one talented kid!

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