Welcome to Our Next Generation of Innpugs

We have some exciting news to share, in the form of two tiny and adorable pups! Chibi (black) and Honey (fawn) are the newest members of our Department of Leisure and the next generation of innpugs at the Inn on Mill Creek Bed & Breakfast.

Chibi and Honey are following in the footsteps of our late innpugs Csaba, Bugsy and Rosco, heading up our Department of Leisure, which we may rename to Department of Leisure and Joy because that is their area of expertise — bringing joy to everyone. They are from different litters, born five days apart (Honey is older), and have very different personalities. Honey is fearless, headstrong and confident and extremely playful. Chibi is a little more demure and observant, and a little bit overdramatic. They are both very curious as puppies can be.

Chibi and Honey LOVE meeting people, so we’re confident that they are going to be excellent co-hosts at our B&B. We are excited to have them meet you, although they currently sleep 18 hours a day so they may be taking a nap or two, or seven.

And don’t forget, if you have your own pup that you like to travel with, we have a pet friendly room at the Inn on Mill Creek Bed & Breakfast, the spacious Oak Leaf Room. It is one of our most popular rooms for guests with and without pets.


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