Brigette spent a good, theraputic, two hours planting baby perennials that arrived last week from Blue Stone Perennials ( Now that summer is pretty much over, it’s getting darker earlier, so more gardening therapy continues tomorrow.

The first of our new arrivals include asters, monarda, phlox and false indigo. We’ve ordered more perennials and lots of Spring bulbs from other nurseries and they’ll get here in a few weeks.

We also have echinacea (purple coneflower) and, just to try something new, we ordered baby’s breath. Brigette planted both the purple coneflowers and baby’s breath around the bird feeder and hopefully, that will provide a nice 3-foot high circle of blooms in the center of the garden during the summer.

Here’s a shot of one of our baby echinacea, which has been planted, along with baby’s breath, among the moss phlox. The moss phlox is stunning in the springtime around the bird feeder, but now that the evenings are cooler, it’s going dormant:

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