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Our friends at Chimney Rock Park confirmed what some of our guests told us last week (thanks to Michael, Michelle and Elizabeth for the heads up), namely that some trails and stairs are closed to the public while undergoing improvements.

As some of you know, the State of North Carolina purchased Chimney Rock Park from the Park’s private owners recently and the State is really stepping it up when it comes to making Chimney Rock an awesome place to hike, go rock climbing, learn about nature and spend some time seeing some really beautiful views. We’re really excited to see the positive changes at the Park because the fact that it’s only a half hour away makes it a great place for guests to go for a day trip.

Here is what we learned:

  • The Outcroppings stairs to the Chimney and the Skyline-Cliff Trail Loop are currently closed for improvements…7/15/08 Update: Great news! The stairs are now open! We will pass along word as soon as we hear that the Skyline-Cliff Trail Loop is back open. The Outcroppings stairs are directly below the Chimney, and the Skyline-Cliff Trail Loop makes a loop between the Chimney and the top of Hickory Nut Falls.
  • Four Seasons trail, Great Woodland Adventure, Hickory Nut Falls trail (which takes you to the bottom of the Falls), Moonshiner’s Cave, the tunnell and the elevator, Vista Rock, Chimney Rock, the Opera Box and the Devil’s Head are all accessible to enjoy.
  • The innpugs, Csaba and Bugsy, would like to mention that dogs are welcome on ALL trails and in ALL outdoor areas.

So when you head to Chimney Rock, you might find some improvements being made, but there is still plenty to do while you’re there.

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