Now that Fall is officially here, we’ll be heading out on a regular basis to track fall foliage in our area of Pisgah National Forest. Watch for our 2008 fall foliage reports starting next week. (2007’s reports are still on the blog for your viewing.)

We were out for a walk last week and came across some beautiful scenery that we wanted to share with you. First, a five-leaf clover was spotted near the Solarium. Resisting temptation to pluck it and take it inside, we instead took a photo:

We then took the innpugs on a walk starting on our property and heading up the eastern Forest Service access trail (about 150 yards from the Inn) that goes toward Point Lookout.

Roses in the Pool Garden are still going strong

Goldenrod lining the path along the blueberry bushes

The trees weren’t giving any hints as to when the fall foliage would start at that point. However, we did get some great end-of-summer shots:

Lots and lots of trees

The Jewelweed in its final blooming stages

Hide-n-Seek Pugs on the forest trail

Hide-n-Seek Hummingbird in the birch bog near our little lake

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