July Blooms at the Inn

July has been a bit warm here in our neck of the woods near Asheville and Black Mountain, North Carolina. Dry, too, at least in our immediate area. Today, it was 88 degrees, which is several degrees above normal, but we got a nice evening rain that made our plants happy and cooled off our “neighborhood” inside Pisgah National Forest quite nicely.

The heat-loving blooms in our garden this month include bee balm, liatris/blazingstar, daisies, coneflowers, daylilies, butterfly bushes and tall garden phlox. Our roses and hydrangeas are having a good year as well. Enjoy these photos taken in July at the Inn (and more on our B&B Facebook page):

This bee went ’round and ’round this liatris for about 5 minutes
like he was going up and down a spiral staircase

Bee balm next to autumn clematis makes our hummingbirds happy

Brigette’s daisies in the White Garden in front of white ornamental grass

Blooms coming soon: sedum, autumn clematis, aster

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