Late Summer Day at Biltmore 2011

Oh, Biltmore Estate, how we love visiting you! On this most recent visit, we were enchanted by the Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass traveling exhibit,Tiffany Lamps: Articles of Utility, Objects of Art, and all the things at the Estate that are just pure Biltmore.

For example, we enjoyed seeing the Tiffany-inspired stained glass butterfly and dragonfly garden stakes in several planters around the gardens and at Antler Hill Village.

And of course, wouldn’t you know it, we saw the real thing, too:

The walk through the pretty Walled Garden full of flowering annuals shaped into dragonflies with 40-foot wingspans led us to one of our favorite current, Tiffany-inspired, displays on the Estate, the Living Wall, which is next to Brigette’s favorite spot, the Conservatory.

The Tiffany at Biltmore Exhibition (running through October 23) at Antler Hill Village was amazing, too. Seeing 45 stunning Tiffany lamps in all shapes, styles and sizes up close was a real treat. Our favorite lamps were the Dragonfly Library Lamp and the Water Lily Globe {photo from the Neustadt Collection website}:

We also dropped by the Italian Garden, and to us, late summer is truly the best time to see this Garden of three pools, with charmingly social Koi and what seems like dozens of different types of water lilies, iris and other pond plants. We think it’s impossible to take a less-than-perfect photo of the Italian Garden this time of year. What do you think?

Our only regret was that we were at the Estate just before the full bloom of sunflowers lining the road to the Winery, which is such a simple thing but makes a big impact, being on the grand scale that it is. We did see the sunflowers a couple of years ago, though {here’s a pic below}, so we’ll look for it next year perhaps.

So, Biltmore Estate, we thank you for just being you. We’ll look forward to hearing about our guests’ visits to beautiful Biltmore and we’ll see you again ourselves soon! Until next time,

Innkeeper Brigette and her mom

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