Wildlife Seen at the Inn This Year

This has been a great year to view the wildlife in Pisgah National Forest surrounding the Inn on Mill Creek Bed & Breakfast. The North Carolina mountains have an abundance of wildlife, including several species of birds, as well as deer, raccoons, fox, black bears, and more. We and our guests have been fortunate to capture some great wildlife photos this year.

Deer standing in an apple orchard

First deer spotted at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B in *8* years!

Enjoy the following photos taken just last month. Photos by us unless indicated otherwise (all others taken by our guests).

Black, orange and blue butterfly on a bright pink and orange flower

Butterfly on one of the coneflowers at the Inn on Mill Creek

Small gray bird perched in a leafy oak tree with a tiny fish in its mouth

Kingfisher getting a snack

Black bear sitting on the ground under apple tree branches

Someone’s happy to see our apples are now ripe [photo: Mikkel Riemann]

Thin blue dragonfly with black wings sitting on a leaf

Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly [photo: Bill Campbell]

Bullfrog with its head above water in a pond with leaf-covered bottom

One of many stars of the bullfrog orchestra at the Inn [photo: Mikkel Riemann]

Small reddish brown bird sitting on the thin branch of a tree in the woods

Cedar Waxwing in Old Fort, NC [photo: Mikkel Riemann]

Black bear looking at the camera with its paw on a two-tiered bird feeder with top open

Thanks for the birdseed, humans! [photo: Bob Bryer]

Dragonfly with spotted tail and large eyes sitting on a wooden fence railing

Gray Petaltail Dragonfly [photo: Bill Campbell]

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