More Planters and More Flowers To Enjoy, Ahhhhh

We love gardens… and plants… and flowers. This is no secret if you have been to the Inn on Mill Creek Bed & Breakfast. It comes as no surprise, then, that one of Innkeeper/Engineer Dave’s 2022 projects was to build a new set of six planters, similar to the ones he built that line the outside of the dining solarium.

Here’s Dave in action, working on the new planters, that he designed and built from scratch (cameo shot taken from his garage/man cave, also known as the Dave Cave):

Man in a work garage leaning over a planter that he is building and using a drill

The planters, which each have three containers for plants (18 containers total!), are now done and were installed earlier this month.

Six newly built planters between the wall of a building and a lawn with trees

We’re currently filling the new planters up with pretty plants and flowers for your enjoyment, mostly from our local nursery, Painters Greenhouse in Old Fort. The home for our new planters is the lawn next to the Deck House along the Maple Tree Room on the south end of the Deck House. As an aside, we’re thinking of calling it the Dogwood Lawn because we have different species of dogwoods planted there… what do you think of the name?

View of a lawn lined with flowers, shrubs and trees with a small house and flower planters in the background

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