When To See Biltmore’s Spring Flowers, March 19 – May 26, 2016

Thousands of flowering tulips in several different colors in a garden

It’s Spring! Our favorite season has arrived and one of our favorite places, Biltmore Estate in Asheville, is blooming big. Biltmore has several gardens on an 8,000-acre property, so you might be wondering…when is the best time to see Biltmore’s blooms in all their glory, and where on the estate should I go? Let’s discuss.

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Botanical Gardens at Asheville

Arched wooden bridge over a stream surrounded by green leafy trees and lush foliage

The Botanical Gardens at Asheville is one of those places that we consider to be a true gem in our area. It’s not as big or as well-known as, say, the gardens at Biltmore Estate or the North Carolina Arboretum. But it’s a wonderful spot for people who want to experience nature in a leisurely setting.

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Late Afternoon in May at the Biltmore Estate Gardens

Most people think of Biltmore House when they think of Biltmore Estate, but the gardens are magnificent and well worth spending some time exploring. Acres and acres of gardens, including formal gardens, park-like gardens spaces, and a beautiful azalea garden are all part of the grounds.

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Black & White Garden Spring 2015 Update

For a few years, we (we meaning Brigette) had a White Garden going at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B near the Mountain Laurel Room. A White Garden is the kind of garden that has only white blooming flowers and white or silver foliage plants. So, for example, we have white shasta daisies, white astilbe, white daffodils, white lilies, white irises, white roses, a white butterfly bush…and so on.

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2015 Garden Planning

Heading day by day into Spring… one day closer… one day closer… we’re ready to see some blooming flowers and spring-y sunny days, how about you? While we wait for those first crocuses to pop out of the ground and make us happy, we’re perusing various magazines and garden catalogs in search of some new garden ideas. You know we (“we” meaning Brigette) can’t stop when it comes to gardening!

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