Black & White Garden June 2015 Update

The Black & White Garden (formerly just the White Garden) at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B is a small garden space — work in progress — where we’re growing plants with white or black blooms and/or foliage. Let’s take a look and see what’s blooming in June this year.

The jet-black hollyhocks bloomed for the first time this year, yay! And those beauties are about six feet tall. In addition, our white hydrangea is looking its very best in three years. The hydrangea and hollyhocks are quite the dashing duo:

Tall leafy shrub with white flower balls next to tall plant stalks with black flowers

White Hydrangea and Black Hollyhocks

We also have white astilbe surrounded by hosta near the bench in the garden, with coral bells nearby that have very dark, almost black leaves, as well as baby black bugbane. Neither the coral bells nor the bugbane are pictured below because they’re hiding behind the giant astilbe.

Green plants surrounding a concrete garden bench with white plumes of flowers behind it

White Astilbe and Hosta in the Black & White Garden

Coming soon — all in this order — will be the oriental lilies (black) and daylilies (white), butterfly bush (white) and dahlias (black and white), which are all summer bloomers. If you have a suggestion for the Black & White Garden at the Inn on Mill Creek B&B, let us know!

In sad news, a groundhog ate most of the shasta daisies this year! They seem to be OK, though, and we’ll look forward to seeing them next June (the daisies, not the groundhog hopefully).

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