Winter 2022 Snow Day in Pisgah National Forest

Enjoy photos from our recent snow day, taken January 17, 2022 and the following day. We got a total of 14 inches of snow, which made for a beautiful winter wonderland. It started Saturday night and snowed for almost 24 hours straight!

This may surprise you, but we don’t get a lot of snow in our neck of the woods. In fact, our average snowfall here at 2,300 feet elevation in Pisgah National Forest between Old Fort and Black Mountain, NC, is just 6 inches per year. Some years, we have no snow at all or just flurries, which, let’s be honest, don’t count. In other years, like this one for example, we’re treated to a real snow day.

Snow covered forested hills with a lodge style home in the background

The view from the west side of the property with Green Knob mountain in the distance

A frozen pond surrounded by trees with a lodge style home in the background

The view from our wetlands boardwalk looking across the frozen pond

Flower seed stalks in the snow

No gardening today!

Bird with a black back and orange and white chest gets a seed in the snow

We threw out lots of seed for our winter birds, including this Eastern Towhee

View across a snowy garden of a small house with shutters

Looking across the Pool Garden at the Deck House in a very quiet and calm late afternoon

Garden sculpture with vertical curving pieces sits in the snow with lodge style home in the background

The first snowy winter for our newest garden sculpture, by Sam Owen

Bare branched shrubs create a canopy to walk through in the snow

The bare branches of our red twig dogwoods look great in the sun and snow

Lodge style home and garden under a blanket of snow and blue sky overhead

The next day… already starting to melt (stained glass sculpture by Barbara Brinson)

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