12 Months of Birding: Golden-Crowned Kinglet

Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Our 12 Months of Birding series continues with a bird we often see in February, the Golden-crowned Kinglet. This royally named tiny bird spends winters in our Pisgah National Forest neighborhood and the rest of the year in the northern U.S. and Canada. More often heard than seen, the Golden-crowned Kinglet can be challenging to find; generally we see and hear them in the evergreens and shrubby areas on the edges of the wetlands, which is at the southern end of the property where the boardwalk is located.

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Our Favorite Things – Small Town General Stores

Phone screen with a photo of Davis Country Store's interior showing goods for sale

This year, we’ve put together Our Favorite Things – a short list of places near the Inn on Mill Creek B&B where you can find the stuff that brings joy. Thinking of a small town often evokes the image of a family-run country or general store. Well, it’s not just an image in our neck of the woods – we have three small towns nearby, each with their own store:

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Year of the Trail in North Carolina – Featured Trails in January and the Future Bernard Mountain Trail

View of mountains from a distance in the wintertime with bare trees

This year is North Carolina’s Year of the Trail, celebrating all kinds of trails and all the good things about them. And all year long, we’re sharing our favorite trails in the greater Asheville area, focusing on those within an hour of the Inn on Mill Creek B&B, as well as new trails coming to our neck of the woods.

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